Steven Simpson   Composer
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"Flow" for Marimba and Cello
Matthew Coley and Julie Sturm perform "Flow" in this music video in collaboration with
Valerie Williams and Co'Motion Dance Theatre and engineer, Chad Jacobsen.
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Flow Marimba Cello, Flow Matthew Coley, Flow Steven Simpson, Marimba Cello

Matthew Coley and Sonic Inertia (Cory Hills, Renee Keller, Bridget Leahy) performing Radioactive Octopus at Northwestern University, April 2012

Penn State Performance Radioactive Octopus

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Photo shot with Flutist, Martha Somach and Pianist, Derek Nishimura, after an AMAZING performance of "Flight" on The Greater Cleveland Flute Society's Cleveland Composers Connection Concert.
The First Unitarian Church of Cleveland.

Members of the BGSU Percussion Ensemble, Marimba Band, after a fantastic performance of
Radioactive Octopus on April 10, 2012
Katlen Brown, John Pearse, Stephen Klunk, and Elizabeth Hall

After concert shot with Tom Nazziola, Steven Simpson, Gordon Stout, and Robert Zolnowski

Posing with former teacher, Albert Glinsky

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